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RESET started as a thought… what if aliens came and did NOT land on the White House lawn for a change? What if they landed in New Zealand? 


That thought expanded and took on a life of its own and was a simple concept that grabbed the imagination. A bunch of film makers jumped on board as volunteers to make the labour-of-love pilot, in order to apply for funding from NZ on AIR. 


The Girl Viking production office was the writer’s house. The local school, Upper Harbour Primary School, came on board and the Principal spent her whole weekend on site to enable us to film. Casting started close to home too, with the characters of Xander and Pearl being played by the series creators’ children. Friends came on board to play Grant, Lydia, Mrs Jenkins and all the extras. Our director, Darren Simmonds, flew himself up from Wanaka to join the team. A great crew of volunteers gave up their time and this web series pilot was the result. 


The RESET vision was shared by NZ on AIR who generously funded the web series in October 2015, amidst stiff competition. NZOA received 109 applications that year and was only able to fund eight digital projects. RESET was lucky enough to be one of them. 

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